Long Story Short



If all you wanted was attention, you’ve come to the right place. I’m trying to be polite here but it is clear to both of us that we are not meant to be. 

What a pitty we were a lot of fun together


Long Story Short

I’ve been thinking about you again. I cried talking about you the other day. It was probably the weather mixed with the booze and the hormones. 
Please don’t think this is a love declaration. I don’t miss you, I just miss how I felt about myself when I was with you (It's the hormones)
I was looking for another song but I'll just settle for this one. 


Long Story Short


Y dicen que todavía me amas.

It's a crush. It's just a crush. 
Someone told me you still love me. 


Long Story Short

I'm sorry. 

Podría pedir disculpas y admitir que el que te fueras fue mi error.
Podría llamar y decirte que te extraño.

Escribo esto para recordarme que no quiero, que pedirte que regreses sería el verdadero error. Escribo para no llamar. Escribo para recordarme que no quiero regresar. 

So selfish. 


Long Story Short


And you were the king once.

But now I know I wasn't wrong.
I still miss you though.

-No creo que te sepas (o que te creas) que tan importante eras- 

Long Story Short


Lo que no sabías es que en el fondo estaba asustada. 
Siempre estuvo. 
Y cuando la tomaste, cuando se olvidó de todo. La mataste. 

Y si aunque la facha no ha cambiado. 
El miedo se hizo más grande. 

Well, if you think about it then you're a fool, yeah
'Cause you decide to believe in what we made up
And if I think about it, am I cool yet?
'Cause there's no lie like that lie that made us give up


Long Story Short


We were BOTH afraid.
Somehow you made me think it was just me.

I'm no longer holding on to US.

I wish you could see me now.

Y te di todo lo que podía dar. Nunca iba a ser suficiente.