Long Story Short

Nice to see you again.
Nice to realize I didn't know you at all.
Nice to know we're both fine without each other.

Last night I had a dream about us. We had a whole conversation, all calm and loving. We figured everything out and we ended up together. Only to realize that it was a waste of time, that we were better off without each other.


Long Story Short

Childish infatuation

I'm not even sure you know
That I still write songs for you

Después de todo este tiempo, lo más probable es que la imagen tuya que yo tengo en mi cabeza, ya no es retrato fiel de quien eres ahora.


Long Story Short


Winter of 2018

All the things I could've asked.
All the things I could've said.
All I have left are the silly laughs,
the inside jokes and the hug goodbye.
I hate my cloudy mind sometimes.

Winter of '98  - Cayucas


Long Story Short


Do I ever cross your mind?

It's a messed up thing.
Knowing you're with someone else.
It's a messed up thing.
Knowing I still come to mind.
And we're friendly and it's cool.
But I get an ego boost whenever you call.
It's a messed up thing.
Knowing there are things that just belong to us.

No me siento para nada culpable de saber que piensas en mi. Porque a veces yo también pienso en ti.


Long Story Short


There was nothing wrong with us.
I'm just figuring things out.
I wish I could've told you.

Long Story Short

You were a mistake I wish I could make again.
I'm sure you could have made me better. 

Everything happened so fast I lost interest.
That was it. I'm sorry.
You were nice.

Long Story Short

I did everything wrong
You seemed so perfect
So perfect you were so wrong
I could not think
I could not hide

Voy a callar un par de días, alejarme de tu nombre
Abandonar mi artillería... y a olvidar
Sabré olvidar...