Long Story Short


I wonder which one of us is going to come out and say it first.
I wonder if it will be an apology or just a sad excuse.
But neither of us wants to be the one who leaves first.
And neither of us wants to be the one that breaks the other.
But we're both hurting each other... in silence.

Ya estamos acostumbrados al dolor y me da miedo pensar que las cosas podrían estar peor.


Long Story Short

Dancing with a stranger. 
Look what you made me do.

Every night I go out. Some nights I find some men that look like you. Some others, I forget about you and find someone new. And every night I’m dancing with a stranger. Replacing a memory of you with one about someone else.


Long Story Short


Hold on to me please.
This is real, I am sure.
We were just too young, we didn't know.
That we would have to grow up before we could grow old.

Please don't leave.
Please don't quit this.
Please hold on.

When we were young we were naive. 
Thinking that we could just pack up and leave. 
You didn't want to leave.