Long story short.

Someone please stop me.

I'm about to fall in love with you. Just because you will let me and I need to feel I love someone.
I know you will love me back. I would if I could. It's all fake.
I do love you. I think.


En Blanco y Negro.

No shades of grey. (I do love shades of grey)
Todas estas me las imagino en blanco y negro. Little black dress. Smokes. Film Noir. High heels. Lace. Tears. Definitivos. Si/No.

Hell I'm still standing 'round the corner where I left you. 
Hard to be soft, tough to be tender. 
And if you think that there is shelter in this attitude. 
All this trying has made me tight.

And I just don't know where I can begin.
I'll still be here waiting on the breeze. 
My arms reach up as you go down.
But you don't fold, you don't fade.
I could never be your woman. 
Yeah, I got your number, I know your game. 

Just a little bit of danger.
His face in my dreams seizes my guts. 
Retaining mystique while facing forward.
She says, i can sing this song so blue.
Who take the subway from their homes to their lonely nights.
And may your song always be sung. 

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Long story short.

Trip for two.

That place we both want to go to.
The place we won't go together to.
I'll think of you once I get there.
I dream you'll think of me while you're there too.

Let's take a trip together.
A trip for two.
For me and you.